Success Stories

A well aware, responsible to environmental citizen working with his hotel project arrived at Greenfield Project to get the plants for his hotel project and personal interest. He got information about GFP and quality of its trees by word of mouth.

He said that before coming at GFP he was used to purchase trees from many places to get desired varieties in enough quantity with quality. After seeing the trees at Greenfield, he was very happy. He never found such a huge range of variety in avenue species with this much good height and quantity.

At GFP all trees nurture up to 8 to 15 feet height with organic fertilizers and scientific methods. Now this environmentalist come hotel projector prefers only GFP for his hotel projects and his personal interest of plantation. He is very much satisfied with the quality of plants, varities available under one roof for avenue trees, pre and post plantation information available at GFP and height of healthy plants. Till today he planted more than 5000 plants from GFP.